Journal of Business Research

 This Journal of Business Research (SCOPUS/SSCI) special issue will publish advanced partial least squares strctural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) applications in business research that have been presented at the PLS2020 conference.


The ACM-SIGMIS DATA BASE for Advances in Information Systems (SCOPUS/SSCI) special issue addresses the use of advanced PLS-SEM methods to further the understanding of MIS phenomena 

Journal of Marketing Analytics

This special issue of Journal of Marketing Analytics (SCOPUS) 
will deal with the intersection of PLS-SEM and marketing analytics.

International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management

The International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management (Scopus/SSCI) has agreed to sponsor two best papers in the field of hospitality presented at the #PLS2020 conference by awarding a certificate and publication (after peer review) in the journal.


《管理评论》已确认发表大会推荐论文。《管理评论》旨在研究、探讨企业决策和管理中的种种需求和问题,促进企业管理的专业化、理性化、市场化,推动管理咨询产业在中国的健康发展。《管理评论》被CSSCI 中文社会科学引文索引、北京大学《中文核心期刊要目总览》、中国知网、万方数据知识服务平台等收录。