Workshop #1: Foundations of PLS-SEM
(in English), October 25, 2022

This workshop is designed to familiarize with the potentials of using PLS-SEM in research. The objectives of this course are to provide a methodological introduction into the PLS-SEM approach (the nature of causal modeling, analytical objectives, some statistics) and the evaluation of measurement and structural model results. 

Workshop #2: Foundations of PLS-SEM 
(in Chinese), October 25, 2022 

中国科学院科技战略咨询研究院、中国科学院文献情报中心与科睿唯安公司(Clarivate Analytics)联合研制的《2017研究前沿》报告中,“偏最小二乘结构方程模型在商业研究中的应用” 方法跻身 Top10 热点前沿。 在过去几年间,由于结构方程模型(SEM)的容易上手,使得众多的研究者误用结构方程模型,研究者需要去多了解结构方程模型,才能在研究的道路上更加顺遂。

PLS-SEM工作坊目的是介绍SEM基本原理简介(CB-SEM和PLS-SEM)、资料收集与分析、PLS-SEM方法论之优缺点与误解、反映性和形成性指针的发展和模式的指定,可回答的研究问题及研究议题进行分享。此外,将介绍SmartPLS 3.X的操作以及PLS-SEM相关论文范例,并提醒投稿要求和写作注意事项 。

Workshop #3: Advances in PLS-SEM
(in English), October 25, 2022 

This workshop will cover advanced topics such as higher-order modeling, measurement invariance, multigroup analysis, and unobserved heterogeneity. The benefits of having such advanced PLS-SEM approaches readily at hand are tremendous, since these types of analyses assist in the evaluation of PLS-SEM estimations and are increasingly being requested by editors and reviewers.